What is string mode?

What is string mode?

This article explains how to use string mode on a new or existing program for FlexFold models that are AT, AG, or Slim.

⛔ This article only applies to machines with string mode previously loaded on the equipment. 

 Ⓘ NOTICE  Only qualified personnel familiar with the construction and operation of this equipment and the hazards involved should install, adjust, operate, and/or service this machine. Read and understand the manual in its entirety before proceeding. Failure to observe this precaution could result in severe bodily injury or loss of life. By proceeding, you are indicating that you acknowledge and agree that Foltex USA is not responsible for any damage to property or persons while accessing and/or using this service.

When to use:

String mode should be utilized when the items being processed have strings that are causing measurement errors. These errors are due to reactivation of the primary fold entry sensor after the article of linen has already passed. Typical examples include gowns and scrub pants. These items frequently have strings that can activate the sensor and measure as a separate article of linen which ultimately causes the fold to be inaccurate. 

How to determine if string mode is necessary:

  1. Unlock the HMI by pressing the lock icon (Figure A) and entering the passcode.

    (Figure A)
  2. Select the folder icon (Figure B).

    (Figure B)
  3. Select the program for which you wish to observe (Figure C).

    (Figure C)
  4. Feed articles of linen while observing the measurement tool on the HMI homescreen (Figure D).

    (Figure D) 
  5. Measurements displayed on HMI should be consistent or within about ten mm each time. If the measurement sporadically drops significantly lower than the actual length of the item the machine is likely reading the strings as a separate article of linen. This error can cause rejects and/or sporadic folds. 
🗈 In some cases no fault will be present, while others will read PIECE ARRIVED AT STACKER POSITION AND STILL COVERING DOOR SENSOR.

How To Activate String Mode:

  1. Select the folder icon from the main screen of the HMI (Figure B). 
  2. Select the program to be modified or created (Figure C).
  3. Press the notebook and pencil option (Figure E).

    (Figure E)
  4. Press the primary fold option from the main page of the program (Figure F).

    (Figure F)
  5. On this page you will see an option called Special mode. Activate this feature by pressing the drop down arrow and choosing String mode.


By activating this option, folds should be consistent and linen should not continue to reject. The primary entry sensor will ignore any new item within 600ms of the trailing edge of the item, thus preventing the sensor from reading any strings. 
🗈 After activating String Mode, minor crossfold adjustments may be necessary to ensure quality of fold.
🗈 For more information on fold adjustments, see manual section “Touchscreen” subsection “Crossfold setting screen.”